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Nobody’s business plan includes mold, poor air quality, crumbling structures or asbestos and lead. At SES, we’ve spent decades perfecting solutions that identify the hazard to restore your environment to the healthy, safer version you, your employees and your clients deserve.


Water is not your friend when it comes to mold.

Mold is most often the result of a moisture problem. There are just about as many causes as there are species of mold. Our team of professionals are trained to identify the sources of the problem and create a plan for its effective and safe removal. Cleanup and repair of the physical structure affected requires careful planning, proper equipment and skilled technicians. Our inspectors and remediators are certified in their fields, have extensive knowledge of the building industry and use state-of-the-art methods and equipment to eliminate the problem and restore the building to healthier operation.


There is nothing as foundational as the air we breathe.

Duct cleaning involves the cleanup of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems. Regular maintenance and cleaning of these components help lessen the effects of airborne contaminants present in virtually any HVAC operating system. These include allergic reactions to dust, pollen or other debris, as well as reactions to microbiological contaminants. The process is simple. First we use specialized tools to dislodge dirt and debris, then we vacuum them out with a high-powered HEPA vacuum cleaner. Once cleared of debris, we sanitize all surfaces and apply chemical sealants to inhibit future contamination and help reduce energy costs.


Your project deserves safety and precision, not destruction.

Our demolition teams are experts in the science of precise and safe removal of obsolete structures, their components, and architectural finishes. We understand the unique intricacies involved in demolition contracting, and employ innovative, successful techniques in the areas of historical preservation, interior renovation, selective dismantling or total demolition.


You don’t have to sacrifice the health and safety of those you serve for the space you need.

Asbestos can be found in ceiling tiles, cement products, shingles, flooring tiles, heat-resistant fabrics and more and can drastically impact the air quality of the surrounding space. SES offers a total solution to both removal and disposal of asbestos materials. We utilize an independent third-party to verify air monitoring and sampling. We also maintain specific liability insurance of the occurrence type that is far superior to “claims made” policies.

Upon written acceptance of our proposal and formal notice to proceed, SES will notify the appropriate local EPA NESHAP/FDEP representative and comply with the DEP 10-day notification requirements.

“We have worked with many different companies on various construction jobs and Simpson Environmental is one of the best we have had experience with.  They always keep us up to date on the status of our projects and notify us ahead of time of any issues that may come up.  We have been extremely impressed with their professionalism and knowledge.  No matter what type of work we need, they always know what to do and carry it out exactly as we planned.  They strive to complete our projects on time and provide high quality work!”

– Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.

“Our commitment to customer service is simple: Superior service is our product. Exceeding your expectations is our job. 

– SES President Tim Yaeger

At SES, each member of our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service. With more than 150 years of experience in environmental remediation and over 10,000 projects under our belt, we stand ready to serve you.