Safety, Training & Compliance

We adhere to the strictist standards every step of the way.

Ensuring the safety and training of our team, documenting our procedures and remaining compliant with industry best practices is at the core of everything we do here at SES. Environmental remediation is an intricate process that, in order to be successful, must adhere to the strictest standards every step of the way.

Safety & Training

Safety and training are our first priority at Simpson Environmental. Our key supervisory and management personnel, as well as our workers, are indoctrinated into our safety program immediately upon employment. Regular safety meetings are an integral part of our training. Toolbox talks, independent safety audits and various worker training programs ranging from the National Asbestos Council to certified consulting from accredited universities are part of our ongoing safety program requirements. In addition, SES is a drug-free workplace.

Our extensive experience and quality control systems assure our clients that their individual projects will be completed accurately and in a timely manner.

Documentation Procedures

Before, during and after any project, documentation is critically important. At SES, we compile a biography of events and documents to record absolute proof of project events. The tangible evidence of compliance with regulations, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment, procedures and practices, is your best defense in future inquiry or legal action. We properly administer documented quality control programs to ensure all jobs are complete and cost-effective. Upon completion of your project, we provide this documentation to our clients for their records.

“The most important aspect of their work is that they provide the District a safe and healthy learning environment, working promptly to get the job done on schedule, without delays.”

– Daniel Marple
Asbestos Management
Miami Dade County Public Schools

Licenses & Certifications


Florida General Contractor License No. CGC1509069
Florida Asbestos Contractor License No. CJC056717
Florida Mechanical Contractor License No. CMC1249368



State of Georgia Asbestos Contractor License No. R09162



Alabama General Contractor License No. 44222
Alabama Asbestos Contractor License No. 4140341



State of South Carolina Asbestos Contractor License No. C0-00217



National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)
Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA